A winter drive

“Winter is not a season, it’s an occupation.” Sinclair Lewis

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With a few days off for Christmas and a few days of wet weather in Los Angeles, we knew there would be a fresh, white layer of powdery snow blanketing the San Gabriel Mountains, so we sat off for another drive along the Angeles Crest Highway in the San Gabriel Mountains just outside of Los Angeles.

The day was a beautiful one, alternating between intense sun, uplifting clouds and fog and even a few little snow showers mixed in.

As always, the views from the mountains are breathtaking, ranging from the desert expanses to the north to the sprawl of the city to the south.

Angeles Crest Highway, or California Route 2 can be accessed easily from  Los Angeles and enters the National Forest only 25 minutes from downtown.

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    1. There are several spots where a few little landslides have brought rocks onto the road surface, so try to keep one eye on the road and one on the scenery!

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