A little walk around Palos Verdes on New Year's Day

“How inappropriate to call this planet Earth when it is quite clearly Ocean.” Arthur C. Clarke

palosverdes12 (1 of 1)With good weather and a day off, we thought it a perfect day to take a stroll around the hills of Palos Verdes on the peninsula of the same name, which juts into the ocean in southern Los Angeles County and is a mere 30 minutes from downtown Los Angeles.

palosverdes13 (1 of 1)palosverdes9 (1 of 1)We decided to explore the section around the Donald Trump National Golf Course, where there is free public parking and access to the cliff trails and beaches. The area is lovely with a good mix of sandy and rocky beach and numerous cliff trails leading to and fro.

palosverdes8 (1 of 1) palosverdes6 (1 of 1)Despite the wonderful 60 degree, partly cloudy weather and holiday, or perhaps because of it, the beaches and trails were practically desolate, with only a handful of families and joggers out.

palosverdes3 (1 of 1)palosverdes14 (1 of 1)The cliffs themselves were alive with color after the frequent winter rains. The green grass and even a few wildflowers were bright and prominent against the blue of the sea, while the sky was vibrant with color and a mixture of spectacular cloud formations.

palosverdes2 (1 of 1)palosverdes1 (1 of 1)Although not as popular as other beach destinations such as Santa Monica or Malibu, it is much more my kind of destination, with its peace and quiet and lack of hordes of onlookers. The area is like a little well-kept secret and a gem indeed.

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