Wat Dong Moon Lek Noodle, Silverlake, Los Angeles

fountainthai (1 of 1)Craving some Thai noodles after work, but not wanting to drive over to Thai town, we instead opted to pop into Wat Dong Moon Lek Noodle in Silverlake, which is more conveniently located in a strip mall on Fountain near Sunset and which we had driven past numerous times. fountainthai2 (1 of 1)

Upon walking in, we liked the sleek, modern decor with exposed concrete, finished tables and art lining the walls, but were a bit put off by the few employees standing around at the counter gossiping, seemingly too cool to notice their customers.

Upon being seated, the menus was extensive, almost too much so, but fountainthai3 (1 of 1)having our hearts set on noodles, we easily chose Tom Kha Udon and Wat Dong Moon Lek Beef Noodles, both of which were decently seasoned and served up in appropriate portions.

While the food itself proved adequate, the service continued to suffer. We were not checked upon once during our visit, instead we had the pleasure of watching one of the waiters continually enter and exit, smoking his electronic cigarette right in front of the door while the others stood around behind the counter lost in conversation.

Overall, food was pleasant, location is good, service sucked. Next time, Pa Ord in Thai Town-it ain’t fancy, but it also ain’t pretentious. If you’re in the area and want decent Thai, stop in.