Blossom Vietnamese Restaurant, Silver Lake, Los Angeles

blossom5 (1 of 1)blossom2 (1 of 1) blossom1 (1 of 1)After a night of hitting the beer, I was craving some hot soup to bring me back to 100% and after a quick reading of some Yelp reviews, we decided to try out Blossom Vietnamese restaurant in Silver Lake.

The restaurant is located in an old building on Sunset, yet the interior is a nice, airy space with simple, modern lines and colors. The woman who ‘greeted’ us at the door was a bit too cool for school with her hipster attitude, so we were concerned about what would come next.

Luckily the server was much more accommodating and provided prompt, friendly service.

We started with an order of four Cha Gio-shrimp and chicken egg rolls and for our main dishes, we opted for your traditional Pho Dac Biet-combination pho with brisket, tendon, tripe and meatballs as a favorite old standby of ours as well as the Bun Reiu-crab noodle soup featuring dungeness crab and manila clam and wrapped things up with some very tasty Vietnamese coffee.

While the egg rolls were tasty, they were a little on the skimpy side. Meanwhile, the crab noodle soup was a nice surprise, containing quite a bit of whole crab meat and a lively broth, which I gobbled up. We both found the pho, on the other hand to be average-good, but nothing spectacular by any means.

Overall, I’d go back for the crab noodle soup, but might skip the pho next time.