Angeles Crest Highway, California

“Because it’s there.” George Mallory


After a few days of rain last fall, we decided to take advantage of the freshly cleaned air and head up to the Angeles Crest Highway, which is a truly spectacular section of California Route 2 a very short drive from Los Angeles. The snaking, looping highway, which reaches elevations of 7,000 feet took us high into the clouds, where the practically deserted trails awaited us.

After many stops along the way to catch shots of the stunning mountain views at every turn, we made it to our destination after about an hour on the road. We ended up doing two hikes in the area, including Mount Waterman at 8,038 feet and a shorter course just across the highway after the first one proved to be a bit shorter than we had anticipated. Like the highway, the trails provided majestic views of varied landscapes. The area itself is generally covered with a variety of pines, which is a nice break from the generally arid and scrubby hills closer to Los Angeles itself, but views of the desert beyond are plentiful as well.

Enjoy the show!

Notice the bear cub!


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