Gem of the South Seas-Hobart, Tasmania

“A journey is best measured in friends, rather than miles.” Tim Cahillhobart3-1

Hobart holds some of my fondest memories of Australia. Sure, the sheer beauty and tranquility of the area in the winter time were awesome, but more importantly, I had one of my all time best Couchsurfing experiences there. I had been in contact with Jo for a while before I made the trek down from Sydney and it certainly paid off. We hit it off well and had a fabulous time hanging out with a multitude of activities, including cooking, music, lots of conversation and of course too much to drink!

hobart13-1hobart15-1On the day I arrived, Jo was finishing up some work in the office, so I took the day to explore the city. The central district has a very handsome display of nineteenth century edifices, while outlying districts are a solid mix of old and new structures. After a full day of exploring, Jo and I met up and headed out to her place. It is beautifully located somewhat outside the city towards Mount Wellington and is lovely with the green yard and wood-burning fireplace, which adds to the coziness factor.

hobart9-1The harbor and river area are especially lovely, with vessels of all type coming and going and the docks and little shops alive with activity. The cool, crisp wither air with the smell of salt added provided a particularly pleasant atmosphere during my winter stay.

hob1-1hob4-1As nice as the city is, the surrounding countryside is spectacular. Jo and I struck out on the road, where she showed me some of the local beauty and we managed to squeeze in some hiking with one of her dogs, which was peaceful and pleasant. The coast in the area is breathtaking, with innumerable waterfalls, and forested cliffs predominating.

hobart4-1This little adventure was truly pleasurable with the fine scenery and even finer company. My only regret is that I wish I had had time to explore more of the island and see the many charms it has to offer, which is all the more reason to keep it on my list of places to return.

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