Autumn in the Sierra Nevada, California

“Autumn… the year’s last, loveliest smile.” William Cullen Bryant

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Autumn is in full swing in the Sierra Nevada. We had originally planned a weekend camping trip for the region on June 5th, but because of the government shutdown, the campground was closed and we called off the trip. However, I was determined to see some spectacular foliage this year, come hell or high water, so we opted for a one day trip up and back, waking at 3:00 to head out for the four-hour drive.

Bishop Creek

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Our main destination on this day trip was originally Lake Sabrina, which sits at the terminus of highway 168, west of Bishop, CA. Much to our disappointment, after driving for four hours we discovered that the lake had been drawn down and the leaves had already blown off the trees at this altitude.  Nevertheless, we did manage to get in about an hour’s hike through the snow and ice on a trail leading steadily upwards alongside the lake.

Luckily, there were numerous places alongside the highway between Lake Sabrina and Bishop that were in full blaze with brilliant yellows and oranges showing their radiance near the hamlet of Aspendell.

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June Lake Loop

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The June Lake loop with June Lake and Silver Lake is breathtaking at anytime of year, but with the vibrant colors of fall, it was particularly beautiful. The blues and greens of the lakes only helped to highlight the amazing yellows of the aspens lining the shorelines.

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On the road

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Although it was a very long day, almost all of which was driving-10 hours in total, we did enjoy the trip. Managing to get at least a little hiking in was of particular importance to me, and I was happy we squeezed it in. Although the drive was a long one up and back to LA in a single day, it was well worth it, even while in the car and taking in the wonderful vistas of the Owens Valley.

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  1. We camped at June Lake about this time last year and loved it! We were able to capture some lovely fall color. Thanks for sharing some stunning photos of this year’s colors. 🙂

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