A belated Monterey, California post

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The sea at Monterey

For Thanksgiving we traveled up to Big Sur and then onward to Monterey, where we spent two nights on a ‘homestead’ outside of town, which I rented from AirBnb. We found Monterey to be a delightful town full of charm, some nice architecture, a lovely natural setting and some delicious seafood.

Not to be missed is the aquarium, which is conveniently located at the end of the famed Cannery Row, which is now just a tourist trap selling trinkets and t-shirts to tourists.

Farther afield, be sure to check out neighboring Pacific Grove, which is full of great Victorian architecture and quaint little shops. Down the road a bit are two things I’d skip-the 17-mile drive and Carmel, the first being overly priced for what it is and the later a faux village with little soul.

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Monterey harbor
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A downtown view
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Near Cannery Row
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Cannery Row
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Cannery Row
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The aquarium
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The aquarium
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The aquarium
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The aquarium
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The aquarium
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The homestead
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The homestead

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