Cripple Creek, Colorado

cripple1Cripple Creek, Colorado, a hamlet of about 1,100 situated at nearly 10,000 feet and an hour west of Colorado Springs is a formerly dying mountain town that has been ‘revived’ by the introduction of casino gambling.  Getting past the tour buses full of gamblers and ringing of slot machines emanating from the now converted buildings, the town still offers lots of charm.cripple8 cripple6cripple4cripple2The main street is lined with grand late 19th century brick commercial buildings, with the vast bulk of the rest of town still being composed of century old houses and churches.   Looking around at the surrounding mountains,  there are endless green swaths of mountains and still active mines in all directions to add to the appeal.cripple5 cripple3cripple12Getting a bit out of town, some hiking can be found. Of interest are the abandoned  mine routes that lead through former gold producing mines.  These trails offer a plethora of relics from times past in the form of abandoned mining equipment strewn about and dilapidated infrastructure from long ago.cripple9 cripple7cripple10cripple11

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      1. You are most welcome. I was thinking the mining equipment perhaps wasn’t that old as the paint is clearly visible. We explored a mine site in the Canadian Rockies recently and anything left was completely rusted.

        1. There was a plaque on that piece that said it had been moved to the present location about 15 years before. Perhaps there was refurbishing that occurred.

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