The Grand Canyon

grand11-2 grand10-2Everyone says that the Grand Canyon seems surreal when first viewed. The first impression is of standing in front of a movie screen.We arrived late in the evening, just in time to catch the sunset the first day, which was fairly impressive, although diminished by the haze in the air.

Spending 3 nights on the South Rim, we had ample opportunity to hike both the South Kaibab and Bright Angel trails quite a distance into the canyon for quite a ways, although we weren’t able to venture to the Colorado River because of time and heat considerations. 聽 Even still, the hikes were still interesting and filled with sights such as donkeys climbing out of the canyon with their loads.grand9-2 grand8-2 grand7-2grand5-2 grand4-2 grand2-2 grand1-2 grand11 grand10 grand8 grand7 grand6 grand4 grand3 grand2 grand1

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