Long’s Peak Trail towards Chasm Lake

chasm7Having the afternoon off, I decided to drive the hour from Fort Collins up to Rocky Mountain National Park to get a good hike in. I’d been wanting to hike to Chasm Lake for a while now, and thought today would be perfect. I did keep my eye on the weather reports and awoke this morning to the news that there had been some snow showers.

There was indeed quite a lot of snow on the trail, but with my micro-spikes and gaiters, it wasn’t an issue-not until I got up to tree line at around 11,000 feet that is.  At this point, the snow drifts were coming in at about a foot deep and the winds and blowing snow became severe enough that visibility was pretty low and being alone, I thought it best to turn around.

I’m still happy with the solitude and beauty of the hike and Chasm Lake awaits for the spring!chasm6 chasm5 chasm4 chasm3 chasm2 chasm1

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