Hidden Canyon-a hidden gem in Zion National Park

hidden18Hidden Canyon in a less-known trail in Zion National Park is a trail leading off of the Observation Point Trail from the Weeping Rock parking lot and trailhead.

The first part of the trail is on the Observation Point trail, which is a fairly steep paved trail with several switchbacks that works itself up the hillside rather quickly.

The Hidden Canyon trail splits off after about a mile and continues its own way and up around the canyon with a more primitive atmosphere and a narrower trail.



hidden17The trail from this point on hugs the cliff walls, but it isn’t nearly as treacherous as Angels Landing across the canyon. In fact, I didn’t find this stomach turning at all, as I did on the ice-covered Landing.

To help get your grip and to keep your cool, there are chains anchored in this section to assist and to give that little extra piece of mind.

The views of the canyon below and the surrounding mountains are well worth the climb up here and the ‘hidden’ canyon a further bit up awaits.









After about another mile, you come upon a sign proclaiming the end of the maintained trail, where you are now on your own.

From this point on the trail is a narrow, high elevation canyon-hence the ‘hidden’-where you must work your way through the debris and over boulders using your scrambling skills to maneuver your way among and through them.

Some of the unique rock formations up there had amazing colors and provided for some fun climbing.  In addition to a small natural arch, there are numerous holes for grabbing as well as a few places where climbers must manage logs to gain 5 to 10 feet at a time.

This hike, with the three distinct parts was truly a hidden hike for us, which we didn’t expect to do, but turned out to be a hidden gem.







16 thoughts on “Hidden Canyon-a hidden gem in Zion National Park

  1. Whoa! This is spectacular. I would love to do this hike someday, but I’m not sure your description of “stomach turning” and my description of “stomach turning” share the same criteria. Your photographs are amazing!!!

  2. Wow! Got this on my “place I need to go visit” list : ) Was planning on getting to Moab this year, but might go here instead. I drove through once, but didn’t have time to do any hiking. Very well framed photos. Makes it feel like your really there. – GeoffW

  3. These colours and formations are fantastic! I’d love to see it in person but your pics are amazing. A place I have to hike one day.

  4. Have you tried any technical canyoneering in and around around Zion? Perhaps a little cold in January, but I hear if you’ve got a dry suit, it’s not too bad. If it’s solitude you seek, this is the way to find it in Zion. There are guide services around if you need gear.

  5. Hello John! Thank you so much for the like on my blog post! This post is crazy! I need to check this place out when I can. I started a new project where I am wanting to travel to all the US National Parks within a two years time span.

    1. YW! What a great project! How’s that going so far?

      BTW, when I clicked on your message and thebreathingballad, I got a message saying it doesn’t exist. I had to go around and into my email to get to your blog.

      1. Its going well so far! I have been to 7/59 and hopefully will be able to get to Acadia in Maine this March. Also, thanks for the heads up. Hopefully I can fix that error.

        1. I’d love to visit Acadia too. Before we moved to Colorado, we thought about moving to Maine, but happy with the decision here. Happy travels-I look forward to updates!

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