Lafayette Square, St Louis, Missouri

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4 thoughts on “Lafayette Square, St Louis, Missouri

  1. That is a beautiful photo. I had a bit of a time finding your blog. I followed your photo to Gravatar after you visited my blog, but there isn’t a link there to your blog. So, I Googled paisstat and found a comment you made on another blog, and one click brought me here. I like a challenge.

    I love architecture, so I am interested in checking out that category. I have lived in San Diego and Philadelphia, although I now call Northern Virginia home. Many of my friends and family travel, but I am not quite so adventurous. I am happy to be in a city or on the ocean. My brother is an ESL teacher. He taught in Germany, but is now back in the U.S.

    1. Thanks Robin. Hmm, interesting about the challenge in finding me. I had visited your blog-had I liked a page? Wonder if I should be doing something differently to make it easier to find me?!

      Checking out your blog this morning-some good stuff there!

      1. Yes, you liked a post called Hiking. Just add your blog’s link to your Gravatar page where it says websites. I think it is in the place where you can edit your profile.

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