“A first-rate soup is more creative than a second-rate painting.” Abraham Maslow

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Most of the street stalls, eateries and makeshift sidewalk joints, which dot Hanoi and other cities in Vietnam are little more than holes in the wall, serving up quick bowls of steaming noodles in a chaotic scene of noise and activity with orders being yelled out, employees dodging one another and customers attempting to pay their checks. I found that, as with most street food throughout the world, these little places serve up the most flavorful recipes, especially when it comes to Phở.

Phpho2 (1 of 1)-2ở, that delectable noodle soup that has become familiar to many throughout the world is plentiful on streets of in this city, being served in the countless eateries, food stalls and makeshift sidewalk joints. While the beef (phở bò) is by far the most popular form in the west, the chicken variety (phở gà) is also ubiquitous throughout Hanoi and should not be overlooked, as it is equally exciting to the palate.

Don’t forget to mix in the necessary cafeviet3 (1 of 1)bean sprouts, basil, peppers, cilantro and a squeeze or two of lime to your taste and have generous amounts of hot sauce ready for dousing in and on your noodles or bits of meat at your pleasure. If the restaurant serves it, Phở is nicely complemented by chả giò, or egg rolls, deep fried to perfection and full of oily, scrumptious flavor, especially once dipped in the heavenly fish sauce mixture, which adds just the right amount of savory goodness to each bite.

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