Colorful 大阪 Osaka, Japan

“A journey is like a marriage. The certain way to be wrong is to think you control it.” John Steinbeck


Osaka, the thriving primary city of the Kansai region and Japan’s third largest is a mecca for culinary delights and a great jumping off point for regional destinations such as Kyoto and Nara. Strikingly modern, the city is often overlooked for more traditional or picturesque locales in the region. That’s too bad, because Osaka has plenty to offer as well, from big city hustle and bustle to unlimited cuisine sampling.



The city streets are busy with smartly dressed inhabitants going about their business in a very hushed and polite manner. As is the case with every place I’ve been in this country, the streets are also so tidy and clean, you can practically eat off of them.



Street side vending machines predominate everywhere in Japan selling conventional items such as soda and snacks, but also beer, cigarettes and sometimes even sexual toys or used women’s panties!



Don’t let yourself away from Osaka without sampling some of the food. From simple noodle dishes such as ramen or udon to table fried okonomiyaki pancakes and sushi or my favorite-unagi, or eel, the food in this region is considered some of the best Japan has to offer.



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      1. Seriously beautiful !! I have been there and its sure is nice but your shot is way better. It is like looking in glossy magazine.

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    The photographs in this post are brilliant – they really convey how bright and unique the city of Osaka is. One of my favourite things when I was there were all the vending machines. You can literally but everything and anything from a vending machine in Japan!

  2. Your pictures are amazing! Do you use photoshop or an app for it? (Please please come out with a tutorial!) I loved the food in Osaka, though it was expensive, it was definitely worth the price.

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