Nederland, Colorado

The funky town of Nederland, CO, located at about 8,200 feet and thirty minutes up Boulder Canyon from Boulder, CO is populated by an assortment of hippies and ‘alternative’ types, outdoor enthusiasts and ‘native’ Coloradans. Famed for numerous arts and cultural events such as the Frozen Dead Guy Days, this hamlet is not your I-70 tourist trap type town, lacking in both name brand stores and traffic (usually).

As a gateway to the gorgeous Indian Peaks and James Peak Wilderness areas, what you will find is an abundance of gorgeous scenery and trails galore. Among the numerous areas from which to choose, are the Brainard Lake and Rainbow Lakes areas to the north, the Caribou area just west of town and the East Portal, Hessie and Fourth of July trailheads just south of town, not to mention the Eldora Ski area.

After a day of hiking, you can find plenty of spots to refresh, including the Kathmandu Nepalese restaurant, which is one of our usual stops when we are in the area, as well as a few coffee shops, bbq joints and even a brewery.

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  1. Looks different from when I was there in 1972! I vaguely remember a ski lift and a couple of houses.

    1. The ski resort is still there and not one of the touristy ones, thankfully. Still a small town with a great vibe.

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