Horsetooth Reservoir, Fort Collins, Colorado


horse4Horsetooth Reservoir, along with neighboring Horsetooth Mountain Park and Lory State Park are little jewels of open space and hiking trails sprawling just above and to the west of the city of Fort Collins, Colorado.

A short, 15 minute drive up to the edge of the foothills of the Rocky mountains reveals tons of hiking with vistas of the city of Fort Collins to the east as well as the high Rockies to the west.

This particular route featured here is a lake-side trail that runs parallel alongside the east side of the reservoir and provides gorgeous views of the water and the hills beyond.






12 thoughts on “Horsetooth Reservoir, Fort Collins, Colorado

      1. I’m actually in a Utah and we’ll be traveling through Colorado in early May. My last blog posts were from October – I’m waaaay behind. I’ll just be passing through this time but I intend on scouring your blog for hikes for possibly the return trip west in late August (?).

        1. Nice-lots of good stuff around here locally in the foothills and then an hour up in the High Rockies. Hit us up if you’d like or especially in August, and we’d be happy to do some hikes together.

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