“Hell on the outside and heaven on the inside.” Southeast Asian saying


Known as the ‘king of fruits’ in its native southeast Asia, this distinctive fruit produces strong reaction in people, ranging from pure disgust to strong affinity.

The controversy stems from the fruit’s distinctive strong odor, which many describe as simply abominable-resembling anything from rotten food to raw sewage. While there are certainly large numbers of naysayers, the admirers seem to be able to look past the putrid stench, hailing the custard-like, creamy flesh as nearly divine in nature.

Durian isn’t something I yearn to eat daily by any means, but ‘When in Rome!’


7 thoughts on “Durian

  1. oooh I’ve actually grown to kind of like this lately.. but the smell is still AWFUL! It’s like I need to mentally coach myself each time I take a bite haha

  2. Lovely photo, awful stench. I lived in Singapore for a few months and I could hardly go in a grocery store if they were selling it already cut. I tried but I just couldn’t do it. 🙂

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