Alpine Loop Scenic Byway, Colorado

Do you like quiet, back country exploring? Head to the Alpine Loop Scenic Byway, Colorado located near Silverton for convenient, yet remote, stunning scenery.

Located on Bureau of Land Management land in a historic mining area, one can explore the 4×4 road that travels through this area, but also take advantage of the endless hiking opportunities on the former mining roads, explore old mining camps and mines and even just wander leisurely.

While most people simply do the loop road in high clearance 4×4 vehicles and call it a day, we opted to camp among these stunning vistas, and we found perhaps the best campsite we’ve ever had, with roaming and hiking in the alpine territory just footsteps away. alpine1-0700alpine2-0707alpine3-0708alpine4-0710alpine5-0712alpine6-0713alpine7-0714alpine8-0726alpine9-0733alpine10-0737alpine11-0742alpine12-0744alpine13-0746alpine14-0754alpine15-0755alpine16-0777alpine17-0785alpine18-0791alpine19-0796alpine20-0813alpine21-0817alpine22-0852