A trip up California 1 on the Big Sur Coast

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For the long Thanksgiving holiday, we decided to forego our usual mountain or desert trip and head up the 101 and 1 to Big Sur and Monterey. After driving most of the morning on Thursday, we arrived in the Big Sur region and took in some hiking at Vicente Flat Trail across from the Kirk Creek campground.

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After a vigorous hike, we headed on to our campsite before dark.   We camped at Limekiln Creek campground. The campground was very packed and offered zero privacy, with the campsites being right next to one another. Of course being California, no one spoke to anyone else, so although physical privacy was limited, we had the place to ourselves psychologically.  The views from the beach, which was literally a 1 minute walk were fantastic and offered superb vistas at sunset with the crashing surf rolling in.

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Along the way, there were numerous places to pull over and take in the visual beauty of the sea, sand and surf. Almost the entirety of Highway 1 is right along the coast, curving back and forth on the high cliffs. This of course offers breathtaking views the entire way-luckily there wasn’t much traffic, which allows for constant head weaving to take in as much as possible.

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On the second day, we awoke fairly early and got in another brisk hike at the Andrew Molera State Park, which offers a superb mix of coastal plain and cliff-side hiking opportunities as well as a nearly deserted beach to chill on for a while. Be on the outlook for deer and rabbit, which we saw aplenty.

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10 thoughts on “A trip up California 1 on the Big Sur Coast

  1. You really captured the beauty of Big Sur in your photos. I grew up not far from the area and it is still one of my favorite places on Earth! I was actually in Monterey for Thanksgiving and went to Pacific Grove to see the monarch butterfly migration. Have you ever checked it out?

    1. Hi, thanks for stopping by and for your comment. I was actually in Monterey and Pacific Grove too! But, I didn’t see any butterflies at that time!?!

  2. What a beautiful place! And skillfully captured, too. 😉 That bridge is a work of art and of engineering, it’s this marvel that appears out of nowhere from the hillside below it, and people trust it with their lives.

    Gorgeous sunsets!

    Do you know what makes the ocean water that color?

  3. Happily diving into these images can smell the air, feel the winds & warmth of the sun, hear the crashing surf… and in the distance the voice of Kerouac singing an improvised chorus to the freeform jazz stylings of Nature… of Big Sur…

    1. What a fantastically lovely state this California is! From the desert to snow capped peaks to this coastal region, how lucky are we all who live in California?!

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