Visit St. Elmo Ghost Town, Colorado in winter

St. Elmo ghost town, set high in the Colorado Rocky Mountains is a well preserved piece of the nineteenth century waiting to be explored no matter what the season.

We’d visited St. Elmo ghost town last summer and, as with all ghost towns, thoroughly enjoyed it. Since we were staying just down the road for Christmas, we made the 12 mile trip up the road, which is kept plowed during the winter to explore the abandoned town once again, this time in the brilliance of winter white.

Situated at nearly 10,000 feet, the climate can be quite harsh in the winter, but there are also plenty of comfortable days, at least by mountain standards. When the wind is low and the sun is shining, it can be a lot of fun to walk the streets and take in the buildings, both those restored and those crumbling in their natural state.

After you’ve had your fill of old buildings. wrap up your visit with a hike. With several trails, including the Popular Gulch trail extending from the town site, you can strap on your snow shoes or snow boots and set out to enjoy the peace and quiet the surrounding woods offer.

St. Elmo ghost town St. Elmo ghost town St. Elmo ghost town